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D&G Towing JunkYard in Boston (MA)

Address: 2 Emery Rd, Boston, MA, United States
Phone: +1 617-987-2111
Services: Towing service
Methods of Payment:
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Website: Website
ZIP Code: 02134
Open Hours: Open 24 hours

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When you need assistance, we are there for you. We are available to take your vehicle to a repair shop, salvage yard or help you when you are stuck on the side of a road in need a fuel delivery, jump start, unlock or other emergency service. When you need a company you can trust, no matter what time of day it is, trust the professionals at D&G Towing. D&G Towing is a proud Massachusetts based company that is committed to our customers. At D&G Towing, we make sure all the needs of our customers are being met. Contact us today and let us show you why we are one of the most trusted wrecking service providers.
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Friday Open 24 hours
Monday Open 24 hours
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Zip Codes

  • 02134

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What clients say about D&G Towing in Boston (MA)

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Unexpected car issues cause a great deal of stress (at least for me), and D&G shows up for me every time. The staff / mechanics are incredibly kind and helpful. Their prices are reasonable / affordable. I was extremely stressed about my car yesterday, and they reassured and helped me. The vibe feels as if it’s a family owned business (which it might be) and I really appreciate their kindness during my stressful moments ! I will be bringing my car back here every time I need services :)

Kinza Hussain

02/27/2024 18:34:26
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This company towed me for street cleaning today after street cleaning was done for the day. Street cleaning was done at noon and I was ticketed and towed at 12:10pm. They held my van hostage until I paid for being parked legally. Since I didn't park there until just after noon Basically my van was stolen then held for ransom or even I would like to call this extortion. I reluctantly paid but then after to make matters worse the girl in the office tried stealing my keys from me until I signed an illegal waiver and release. She even tried lying to me telling me street cleaning is from noon to six. Unfortunately I just needed my truck back so I could get back to work so I had no choice but to take the abuse. Then to twist the knife some more they made me wait another 20 minutes to unblock my truck. First guy came out and pretended a bit then a while later the 2nd guy actually unblocked it. All very cute but we'll see what a judge thinks about it in court. I'm beside myself seeing things like this still happening this day and age and with having a contract with the city. I will not be letting this one go. Working with my attorney now to take legal action. Even if it costs me more out of pocket I want to make sure no one else gets ripped off like this. Hopefully they lose their contract with the city.

Rui Pereira

10/26/2023 01:17:14
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HORRIBLE SERVICE - I was involved in a terrible accident which totaled my car. The car was towed by D&G. I contacted D&G Towing asking if a slip from the police department would be needed to retrieve personal items from the car. Jennifer, answered my call and advised "if picking up the "car" a slip would be needed, however if ONLY retrieving personal items a slip is NOT necessary." When I arrived at D&B tow yard the following day to retrieve my personal items, I was then told by "Jennifer" that a slip from the police department was required. Tony, the manager, then informed me that Jennifer was new, did not know the rules and only on the job a couple days. If this is indeed the case, why is she answering the phones and providing incorrect information without being supervised? Jennifer's lack of training and knowledge should not have become my problem. Being injured, overwhelmed and car-less, I am having to depend on others for assistance and a ride. Hence the reason I initially placed the call. I had to leave D&B Towing in Alston/Brighton, to get the slip from the police department in the South End, only to return to D&B Towing. This is unacceptable and bad business practice to say the least. If you must use a tow company, you might want to try a different place.. At least a place where the staff knows what they are doing and provide the correct information the 1st time around!

Maria Walkes

04/10/2024 14:43:06
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