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Phil's Towing JunkYard in Cambridge (MA)

Address: 333 Webster Ave, Cambridge, MA, United States
Phone: +1 617-547-0680
Services: Towing service
Methods of Payment:
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  • Not accepted Cash only
Website: Website
ZIP Code: 02141

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  • 02141

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What clients say about Phil's Towing in Cambridge (MA)

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Had a rental car I was driving towed there after an accident. I went back the next day to retrieve my belongings from the car and the staff there almost refused to give me access to the car. After an hour of explaining myself they reluctantly let me in; and that's after waiting about 30 minutes initially. Bad customer service.

Una Smith

04/23/2023 16:09:45
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This is a predatory business. They do whatever they can to delay your towing retrieval, profiting $35 a day that they delay you. CPD got them to tow my car for street cleaning (my mistake, I had mistakenly moved my car from a street cleaning street to another one). Their scheme is actually ingenious: they send you a letter after 2 days ($70 so far). That letter takes several days to deliver, especially considering the weekend. Say it's delivered in 3 days, that's $105 more. But they send it certified so when you're not home when it's delivered, that's another cool $35 for that day. You're in luck if you know to pick up the letter immediately but not knowing what the certified letter is, you have no reason to be in a rush, so when you reschedule its delivery, and get your notification 3 days letter, you've accumulated $280 in fees (plus $100 for the initial tow). And you probably have to take work off to go get it, too. They are really doing the residents of Cambridge a great service.

Ian Delbridge

11/04/2022 20:36:40
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Literally the worst place ever. Tow lots are saddest lowest must disgusting places of business there are. What they do is nothing more than legalized extortion. My week was made worse by having to have set foot in this place. You tell me where you see a "tow zone" sign. Merry Christmas indeed. 😡😔😡💩

Vincent Higgins

12/07/2017 20:55:17
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