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Georgia Auto Salvage JunkYard in Atlanta (GA)

Address: 1285 Sylvan Rd SW, Atlanta, GA, United States
Phone: +1 404-753-2107
Services: Salvage yard
Methods of Payment:
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  • Accepted Debit cards
  • Not accepted Cash only
Website: Website
ZIP Code: 30310

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  • 30310

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What clients say about Georgia Auto Salvage in Atlanta (GA)

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I went to this salvage yard to purchase a car engine and a radiator. I was convinced by the on-site mechanic to go ahead and allow them to be the ones to put the parts into my vehicle. Long story short, it has now been over a month and they still have my car. Apparently the mechanic who was supposed to work on my car was arrested and according to the owner they don’t have anyone else that can work on my car. And the owner has been nothing but rude and condescending whenever I call trying to figure out a solution. Mind you I paid them up front IN CASH. I don’t recommend this place whatsoever.

Noname Nino

07/01/2021 13:55:02
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I haven't bought from them, but I just called for a part, and since they didn't have it, the gentleman that I spoke with was kind enough to check the database for me to see at which salvage yard I could find the part. He was a great help! Wish I could've bought from them since they have such helpful people working for them!

Sandra Collins

02/27/2017 17:39:00
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Worst place I have ever done business with. My car broke down in Atlanta visiting friends and I googled this place for repairs and this is what happened!!! Took my car for a motor repair and got my car back with a cracked windshield, brand new wipers that had the screws and Bolt’s almost off, power steering is now squealin that was not doing that prior to taking it in. I had just replaced my A/C Unit prior to taking in as well which cost $600 and my A/C did not work when I picked up the car. The owner had me drive 4 hours round trip, down an entire day there to repair it, which cost me an entire day on my day off. Roger stated it was a leak when they put my car back together and it would be repaired and would also repair the power steering. What happened??! NO A/C and I just picked the car back up two weeks ago and as of yesterday NO A/C for an automobile that has a brand new A/C Unit that once again cost me $600 prior to taking it here, four additional hours of wear and tear, not including the expensive gas prices we pay. When I first picked up my car, Roger did not even want to give me the change from the cash money of almost $1500 that I paid him. He seriously ask me if I wanted my $5 change. When I told him I wanted my change, he told me I was a bad person!!! YES, he seriously did and I have a witnesses that was with me. He kept the change and I had to seriously argue with him when I finally gave up and left! Also taking it by a repair shop here in Anderson, they had to place clips on the front bumper because there was NOT a single one on it and could have caused some serious damage and possible wrecks driving it home I was told! He is a HORRIBLE businessman! I will file a civil suit for wrong doing! This man took my money and did nothing but cause additional problems to my car. Spread the news!!!!!

Lisa Morrison

05/15/2019 10:39:13
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