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Watt's Auto Salvage JunkYard in Derry Township (NH)

Watt's Auto Salvage JunkYard in Derry Township (NH)

Address: 109 Rockingham Rd, Derry, NH, United States
Services: Auto parts store
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ZIP Code: 03038

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What clients say about Watt's Auto Salvage in Derry Township (NH)

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I spoke with a very rude person on the phone and simply had a question about compatibility of parts between certain years. His response was I don't have parts for that year, to which I replied oh okay but do you happen to know if they would be compatible? his reply was simply no idea and I am not going to check unless I know I am going to make money. Now I believe in supporting my local businesses but this is one I would avoid. There are several other places around that will be more than happy to help you and that deserve your business, this is not one of them.

Wilfred Butler

09/11/2018 15:10:58
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This place is awful. DO NOT GO HERE!! Showed up to look at a truck I was told was a "Sunday driver for an elderly gentleman". I get there and the owner comes out and starts telling me that the vehicle I was looking to purchase has been his for the past 5 years and he drove it everywhere. When I confronted him about the fact his business associate told me otherwise he started getting defensive. He had been rude throughout the entire process but he really kicked it up a notch after I caught him lying. He started to try to make fun of my father in law and then out of know where he started to try to get me to punch him in the face. He started yelling and screaming and cursing in front of my family. As we were driving away he flipped us off like a moron. He lied to me, he threatened my family (children included) and he tried to fight an elderly man. This guy is the definition of loser.

Christopher Ives

10/22/2016 03:08:26
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My husband and I went to look at a truck and the guy literally wanted to punch everyone out including myself while I was holding my two year old son...just for asking questions on the vehicle. I believe he's a belligerent drunk, but definitely a severe nut case...be warned!!

Amber Ceccarini

10/22/2016 02:53:37
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