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Quealy Towing Inc JunkYard in Everett (MA)

Address: 26 Garvey St, Everett, MA, United States
Phone: +1 617-387-6877
Services: Towing service
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ZIP Code: 02149

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What clients say about Quealy Towing Inc in Everett (MA)

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I recently ad the misfortune of locking my keys in my car but even bigger misfortune of calling AAA and having Quealy sent out . The first driver who showed up was very nice but not able to open the car door . He had to call for a second driver who was not happy to be called out !!! Mind you my car was located 5 minutes from Quealy in Everett , The driver took out his frustration on my car . He was so aggressive prying the window that is bent the window casing along with chipping paint in my door frame . I called immediately to report this . I spoke with Anthony who was apologetic and offered to fix the car the next day . I dropped the car off and the window casing was fixed but not the paint chips on the door . I went to pick up my car and spoke with manager Laurie . Laurie was extremely rude and would not have the paint chips fixed stating that the driver had no reason to cause that damage . I explained he was frustrated and absolutely caused the damage and could show her video of him causing it . She remained both rude and unhelpful !!!! As for managerial skills she had zero !!! I will never allow assistance from this company again !!!! I have a 1 star rating only because there wasn’t anything lower than!!! Laurie would be much better behind the fence than dealing with customers !!

Marlene Loconte

03/28/2024 21:26:57
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Amir from Quealy towing came to Revere after 9 pm to jumpstart my car through my AAA membership. He was punctual , helpful, and very friendly. I would definitely recommend their services!

Roe B123

02/29/2024 04:45:53
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Very strange encounter with this unprofessional tow company. Started with a letter in the mail from them stating I owed them for storage and a tow on a car I didn’t own. Called them and a man stated there was a note on the account saying it was sent to wrong address. So I let it go. Fast forward a month to today when I got a second letter from the company for the same car and now it’s over a $2000 bill. So I called again spoke with “Laurie” who stated that she got my name and info from the RMV and that I was the last registered owner of the car. Turns out, it was a car I traded in almost 10 years ago to a dealership in New Hampshire. She tried to tell me I would be liable, even though she said the tow was from an arrest made on 11/6/23. I told her I get her the info from who was arrested that night and she said it wouldn’t matter because I was the last registered owner. I called Everett police and they told me to tell them to knock it off bc I have proof of sales. Either way, it should illegal for them to get my info from the registry. They should have to get the info they need from the police. Looking forward to going there in the morning to share this info with them and let them know if they don’t stop harassing me, I’ll be taking a suit out on them for harassment. Good luck getting your money “Laurie “.

Vanessa Higgins

01/18/2024 02:55:36
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