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Carey's Towing & Recovery JunkYard in Lawrenceburg (KY)

Address: 1048 Industry Rd, Lawrenceburg, KY, United States
Phone: +1 502-839-8895
Services: Towing service
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Website: Website
ZIP Code: 40342
Open Hours: Open 24 hours

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Zip Codes

  • 40342

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What clients say about Carey's Towing & Recovery in Lawrenceburg (KY)

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i must preface this by saying that there are few profeessions that i hate less that tow truckers. i've never had a positive experience, save for one, and that's with Carey's Towing & Recovery, which is why i felt the need to write this. Without going into details, i could've been in financial despair after i blew a transmission on I-64 near Frankfort and it was impounded for nearly a week. Instead, Troy had a solution that was a huge Win-Win for everyone. Carey's profited, and i wasn't out some $750 or so; i actually paid less than $100! While an $800 bill for impounding and a tow to a junkyard might not be a bank-breaker for everyone, after this Christmas season, it would've been a disaster for my family this year. But we were spared from that and i am EXTREMELY grateful, because i know that had he wanted to, Troy could've subjected us to AT LEAST $450, but he is very decent people and it seems to me that everyone involved in this operation are cut from the same cloth of good folks. That is why i took the time out of my day to write this in support of their business. THANK YOU for helping me and my family. It's been a couple of weeks now and we are still SO grateful.

Boots O'Riley

02/11/2024 21:35:23
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Totally take my previous review back about this place. Be warned before allowing your car to get towed by these people. After doing an inventory of the contents of my vehicle, a mere 2 days after an accident i was involved in which had the wrecked car towed to this place, and checking everywhere I could possibly check in the car, turned out to be missing a bunch of stuff. Pretty much anything valuable, small or electronic disappeared overnight while at this place. This includes a 4K camera, a VERY expensive dash-cam, some flash drives, some cordless tools & measuring equipment. Had I not been so shaken up from the accident I would have refused to let the tow truck driver anywhere near my car before I could absolutely grab everything before letting it get towed away to this place to be robbed blind by the either the scumbag who owns it or his driver. What a coincidence too when I went to pick up what was left on the first day, the registration to my car is now suddenly gone so I wont even be allowed to access the car anymore to get what few belongings remained in it. I'm lucky I was able to get a replacement registration the same day from the clerk an hour away in another cuonty but it was glaringly obvious that the owner was hoping I wouldn't bother so he could take the stuff that WAS bolted down in the back of the car

Zach Kokorovic

02/16/2024 02:53:46
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I wouldn't rely on this tow truck group for nothing. Needed my car junked. Called them at 12:47pm...made an offer..no one showed up. Called back 2:29 pm..said they would be on the way..called 7:10pm and canceled the service bc they didn't show up. This is what I call a bad business person. You have someone sitting around putting their day on hold just to wait for him.

anita odonnell

10/31/2023 23:16:21
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